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  • 1969-1999 Neo-Avant-gardes, Postmodern and Global Art 192,00 zł

    1969-1999 Neo-Avant-gardes, Postmodern and Global Art

    •  ISBN: 9788861306424
    • Autor: Terraroli Valerio    
    • Rok wydania: 2009-11-03
      Ilość stron: 432
      Oprawa: twarda
      Format:  280 x 210 mm

    The fourth book in the Art of the Twentieth Century series, this volume explores the changes in art during the last decades of the twentieth century.

    The events of 1968–1999 paved the way for profound social transformations and created a new feeling towards individuals’ behavior and the relations between them, including a new consciousness of the body and of social and political dynamics. Artists experimented with visual languages that were as far away as possible from any tradition of painting, sculpture, and assemblage that predated the sixties, seeking new means of expression. This volume looks back over these phenomena with the help of a spectacular gallery of images, which show the wide variety of artistic proposals made during these great thirty years.

  • 50 Years of Photography_Riboud Marc 171,00 zł

    • ISBN: 9782080304476
    • Autor: Riboud Marc    
    • Rok wydania: 2004-04-13
      Ilość stron: 176
      Oprawa: twarda
      Format: 306 x 246 mm

    Photographer Marc Riboud has captured some of the most iconic images of the twentieth century, from painters at work on the Eiffel Tower, balanced like dancers on the powerful metal girders, to a young woman protesting against the Vietnam war, facing down a barrage of rifles with a flower in her hand. Marc Riboud took his first photographs at the age of fourteen with his father's Vest Pocket Kodak. Eager to investigate the complexities of contemporary reality, Riboud worked for the legendary Magnum agency, alongside Henri Cartier-Bresson, Robert Capa, and Chim (David Seymour). Starting in 1955, he traveled all over the world, from Nepal to Alaska, and Mexico to Algeria, his camera always at the ready. While many of his shots reveal the anguish of war, others capture the fleeting delights of a swim in a sun-dappled river or children learning to whistle in a Shanghai street. Published to coincide with the first major retrospective of Riboud's work since 1985, opening in Paris at the MEP (Maison European de la Photographie) in March 2004, this is the first work in English devoted to the career of this outstanding chronicler of the modern world.
  • A Feast of Wonders: Sergei Diaghilev and the Ballets Russes 198,00 zł

    ISBN: 9788857200903,

    In May 1909, Sergei Diaghilev astonished the world of dance with his first ballet presentations in Paris that demonstrated an unprecedented combination of vitality and grace, originality, and technical sophistication. This catalogue of over three hundred artworks related to the Saisons Russes between 1909 and 1929 is the official companion to an exhibition in Monte Carlo. The legendary productions are brought to life through stage designs, costumes, paintings, sculptures, photographs, and programs. The artwork comes from a wide variety of public and private collections, including the Fokine collection in the St. Petersburg Theatre Museum. Diaghilev’s scenic achievements are complemented by a number of contextual paintings, drawings, and other artifacts, which help to define Russia’s cultural renaissance of the first decades of the twentieth century. The documentary section of the catalog contains rich archival material, including letters, photographs, choreographic notes, and memoirs, many published here for the first time.

  • A New History of Italian Renaissance Art_Campbell Stephen, Cole Michael 258,00 zł

    A New History of Italian Renaissance Art

    • ISBN: 9780500238868
    • Autor: Campbell Stephen, Cole Michael    
    • Rok wydania: 2012-01-16
      Ilość stron: 680
      Oprawa: twarda

    Stephen Campbell and Michael Cole introduce Italian Renaissance art in this easy-to-follow chronological survey. Drawing on the most recent scholarship, their book makes new approaches accessible to students and non-specialist readers, telling the story of art in the great centres of Rome, Florence and Venice while profiling a range of other cities and sites throughout Italy. The book uses a novel decade-by-decade structure, which allows students to follow the chronology easily, as well as enabling collaborative works to be discussed in their entirety, and ensuring that discussion of minor centres can be brought in as needed. It presents the classic canon of Renaissance painting and sculpture in full, while expanding the scope of conventional surveys by offering a more thorough coverage of architecture, decorative and domestic arts, and print media. Rather than emphasizing artists biographies, this new account concentrates on the works, discussing means of production, the places for which images were made, the concerns of patrons, and the expectations and responses of the works first viewers. Renaissance art is seen as decidedly new, a moment in the history of art whose concerns persist in the present. Dazzlingly ambitious and fiercely intelligent, this is very much a book of today, which seems destined to remain the survey of choice for years to come David Ekserdjian, Leicester University. A fine and original new introduction to Italian Renaissance art [it] generates new perspectives on the progress and parameters of an entire visual tradition Tom Nichols, University of Aberdeen.
  • A Shadow Falls_Brandt Nick 161,00 zł

    A Shadow Falls

    • ISBN: 9780810954151
    • Autor: Brandt Nick    
    • Rok wydania: 2009-09-01
      Ilość stron: 132
      Oprawa: twarda
      Format: 381 x 305 mm
    Nick Brandt's portraits of some of the last surviving large mammals of East and Southern Africa reveal soulful beings who bear the individualized imprint of a life in nature. His new book reproduces 57 never-before published images in stunning tritone plates at large size. Photographer Nick Brandt has made it his mission to portray the last survivors of what were once vast populations of large mammals in East and Southern Africa. Brandt photographs lions, cheetahs, gorillas, zebras and elephants with a gripping style. To make these photographs, Brandt takes long, difficult trips into the field, negotiating with the human bureaucracies that control access to the wild subjects he seeks. He uses none of the apparatus of the wildlife photographer; rather, nature is his art studio, where majestic subjects sit for his lens. Mary Ellen Mark describes these photographs as both 'epic and iconic'; Jane Goodall remarks that, 'they inspire a sense of awe at the beauty of creation and the sacredness of life'. "A Shadow Falls" reproduces 57 never-before published images in stunning, over sized tri-tone plates. A text by Brandt about the fate of Africa's large animals is complemented with an introduction by philosopher Peter Singer.

  • Albert Watson_Crump James 95,00 zł

    Albert Watson

    • ISBN: 9780714847559
    • Autor: Crump James    
    • Rok wydania: 2007-09-01
      Ilość stron: 128
      Oprawa: twarda
      Format: 250 x 290 mm

    Albert Watson (b. 1942) is one of the world's most successful and sought-after fashion and commercial photographers working today. His striking images have appeared on more than 250 covers of Vogue and in many publications including "Rolling Stone", "Face", "Time" and "Arena". He has also been responsible for many major advertising campaigns and over 600 television commercials for clients that range from Levi's and the Gap, to Revlon and Chanel. He has photographed many of the iconic figures and celebrities of our time including world-renowned models such as Kate Moss and Helena Christiansen, and stars from the world of film and music such as Alfred Hitchcock, Jack Nicholson and Mick Jagger. His own artistic projects include still-lifes, portraits of Las Vegas domantrixes and powerful American landscapes. His extraordinary images from both commercial and artistic projects are instantly recognisable in their grandeur, brilliance and technical virtuosity.
  • Alfred Stieglitz 37,00 zł

    Alfred Stieglitz

    • ISBN: 9788874391752
    • Autor: Heilbrun Francoise    
    • Rok wydania: 2004-11-15
      Ilość stron: 96
      Format: 160 x 160 mm
    • Alfred Stieglitz (Hoboken, New York State, 1864 - New York, 1946) remains celebrated in his own country, and was internationally famous in his time. He was the founder of Photo-Secession and the editor of Camera Work magazine, which championed photography as a fine art. Later, he mounted pioneering exhibitions of European avant-garde art, from Cezanne to Picasso, in his gallery at 291 Fifth Avenue, New York. This book's publication coincides with a major Stieglitz retrospective at the Musee d'Orsay, accompanied by an exhibition of the Stieglitz prints in its own collection. It includes images from his Pictorial period (1890-1910), particularly some strikingly impressionistic views of New York (gravures from Camera Work), capturing the city's phenomenal growth at the turn of the century. Stieglitz's later work is magnificently represented in prints recently donated by the Georgia O'Keefe Foundation. These sharply focused and highly descriptive works communicate the photographer's distinctive approach to reality, enriched by inner experience. The admirable nude shots of the artist Georgia O'Keefe (later Stieglitz's wife) are highly original close-ups, charged with an eroticism that was startlingly new in American photography at the time. Stieglitz's cloud photographs (which he termed "equivalents") taken at the family property at Lake George after 1923, were meant to be viewed in negetive to heighten their abstract character. Towards the end of his life Stieglitz lovingly photographed the trees at Lake George, as symbols of nature's endurance. Although he worked with two very different approaches, his aim was always to express a personal vision through flawless technique. He never tried to use his photographs to further a political or social cause. They had an impact on photographers as varied as Paul Strand, Edward Weston and Harry Callahan, and testify to a resolutely personal, but deeply human, experience.
  • American Music_Leibovitz Annie 203,00 zł

    • ISBN: 9780224072717
    • Autor: Leibovitz Annie    
    • Rok wydania: 2003-10-13
      Ilość stron: 256
      Oprawa: twarda
      Format: 246 x 312 mm

    Annie Leibovitz' extraordinary career took off in San Francisco in 1970 when she first submitted a portfolio to "Rolling Stone" magazine. By 1973, she was the magazine's chief photographer. Since 1983, Annie Leibovitz has worked closely with Vanity Fair, who will be producing a special music issue to coincide with the book. Her subjects include Ray Charles, Bob Dylan, Aretha Franklin, Al Green, Bruce Springsteen, Bryan Adams, Dolly Parton, Marvin Gaye, Chuck Berry and even Philip Glass. She has created a body of new work for the book, covering the landscape of American music - the juke joints of the Delta, Graceland, B. B. King at his hometown of Indianola in Mississippi and the Carter family in Virginia. The book is a tribute to a great culture in its widest form by the photographer who has understood more than anybody the power of the iconic image.
  • Anatomy of Fashion_McDowell Colin 319,80 zł

    • ISBN: 9780714849478
    • Autor: McDowell Colin    
    • Rok wydania: 2013-09-30
      Ilość stron: 358
      Oprawa: twarda
      Format: 305 x 238 mm

    Fashion is about the body. The first book to reflect this truism, The Anatomy of Fashion is the ultimate guide to how we dress, why we look the way we do and how this has changed over time. One of the world's leading fashion commentators, Colin McDowell, breaks fashion down into specific parts of the body, examining in detail how each has been clothed. He uses this novel arrangement to map out the different considerations that influenced clothes in the past and still do so today. In a series of essays on major themes and looks in fashion, McDowell also explores how the separate elements of fashion fit together, showing how anatomical and historical influences have interacted to shape the way we dress. This unique approach enables McDowell to paint a broad and accessible picture of the forces at work in the creation and development not just of clothing, but of all aspects of appearance.
  • André Kertész: Jeu De Paume_Frizot Michael 245,00 zł

    André Kertész: Jeu De Paume

    • ISBN: 9783775726306
    • Autor: Frizot Michael    
    • Rok wydania: 2010-10-01
      Ilość stron: 359
      Oprawa: twarda
      Format: 257 x 315 mm

    André Kertész: Jeu De Paume

  • Andre Kertesz: Paris, Autumn 1963 124,00 zł

    Andre Kertesz: Paris, Autumn 1963

    • ISBN: 9782080201553
    • Autor: Kertesz Andre, Rivallin Matthieu    
    • Rok wydania: 2013-10-01
      Ilość stron: 80
      Oprawa: twarda
      Format: 193 x 251 mm

    A previously unpublished body of work from the late, great photographer Andre Kertesz, featuring a collection of photographs that capture the ephemeral beauty of Paris in 1963. Andre Kertesz, a master photographer of the twentieth century, was a pioneer in photographic composition and photojournalism who gained critical acclaim for his image distortions. Born in Hungary, he moved from Paris to New York during World War II. In 1963, he returned to Paris and took more than 2,000 black-and-white photographs and nearly 500 slides that capture the city's essence--from Montmartre to the banks of the Seine to its gardens and parks. Kertesz edited these photographs into book form, but the work was set aside and was only recently rediscovered in his archives, twenty-five years after his death. The previously unpublished material is reproduced here as he originally intended and completed with archival documents and a critical essay.

  • Andreas Gursky Works 80-08_Hentschel Martin 199,00 zł

    Andreas Gursky Works 80-08

    • ISBN: 9783775723381
    • Autor: Hentschel Martin    
    • Rok wydania: 2008-11-01
      Ilość stron: 272
      Oprawa: twarda
      Format: 203 x 260 mm

    Andreas Gursky (*1955 inLeipzig ) has ranked for many years among the world’s leading photographic artists. Now, for the first time ever, an attempt is being made to unfurl the artist’s oeuvre in all its encyclopedic glory. Gursky has selected over 150 images from his pool of photographs, reaching back in time to his student days at the Folkwang Hochschule Essen, followed by the period in which he was in the class taught by Bernd and Hilla Becher at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf. Beginning with the earliest exposures, such as the Desk Attendants and other unpublished photographs, the publication describes an enormous trajectory that takes us to his most recent works, which were conceived especially for this monograph. Every single exposure in Gursky’s encyclopedic morphology is a vital piece in the puzzle, which over some twenty-eight years has opened out into a sweeping view of the world. sp. z o.o. realizuje projekt w ramach działania 8.1 Programu Operacyjnego Innowacyjna Gospodarka
2007-2013. Projekt współfinansowany z Europejskiego Funduszu Rozwoju Regionalnego.